Our products and services

BioEnTech puts its expertise at your service to assist you in designing or optimizing your biogas plant.

MeMo ProIntegrated Monitoring
Our monitoring solution, MeMo-pro guaranties robustness and performances to biogas plants. Based on advanced computation modules,the local monitoring system can estimate key parameters, run on-line diagnosis of the process and act as a decision support system to advise the operator; in parallel, the embedded information system allows you to connect from anywhere to your process.

TélésurveillancePermament remote surveillance
Our remote surveillance service allows you to benefit from a permanent watch and a fast response expertise to quickly detect and solve the problems occurring on the process.

Aide à la conceptionDesign assistance
We also offer our expertise of biological processes and of the anaerobic digestion to realise and interpret biological, technological, economical and environmental studies, in order to provide all the required information to successfully conduct a biogas project.

MonitoringAnalysis and Modelling of existing plants
Our skills and tools can alsobe applied to analyse and to model existing processes. Hence you get a better insight of former problems and can identify what changes could be made to avoid them and to improve the performances.


ACVLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Life Cycle Assessment is an integrated approach to assess the environmental impacts of a product or a service. This analysis framework allows one to quantify emissions of chemicals toward the environment and the energy consumption required to use a product, during its whole life cycle (production, distribution, usage and end of life).

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