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Constructors and engineering firms Why choose MeMo® as a monitoring system for your plant?

Our software MeMo can be deployed to monitor all types of anaerobic processes:

  • Infinitely mixed in liquid,
  • Dry anaerobic digestion,
  • Anaerobic reactor type UASB, EGSB, etc.

Deploying MeMo on a plant under construction is simpler than on an existing one. As a matter of fact, data acquisition is carefully conceived from the design of the unit by taking into account sensor information as soon as the plant PID is validated.
In addition, MeMo deployment can be easily duplicated on other sites; manufacturers can therefore build upon its feedback based on the types of effluent, substrate, material characterization, inhibition, etc. that this type of process may encounter.
Using MeMo to monitor your anaerobic digestion units brings several advantages:

  • have a real-time view of the bio-process,
  • make it easier to get started thanks to a shared tool between constructors and operators,
  • implement predictive maintenance of the structure,
  • look after the biology of the unit,
  • set up a follow-up of the predictive units

Industrial wastewater station manufacturer

Industrial (paper mill, agro-industry, agri-food industry, industrial fermentation, chemistry, brewery, sweet drinks, etc.) often use anaerobic processes for the treatment of raw wastewater. The wide diversity of industrial applications and transformation processes often results in loaded effluents which can generate inhibitors that endanger the biology of anaerobic reactors.
In agreement with the operators of the unit, the manufacturer can retrieve via MeMo® the necessary information for real-time monitoring of the digestion process and can thus anticipate drifts or detected inhibitors.

méthanisation collective biontech
Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole

Methanisation manufacturer in co-digestion

The choice of the anaerobic digestion process and the substrates to be digested are fundamental to the success of a digestion unit. In addition, it is often seen that the supply plan for the project and the start-up of the installation may be different.
In agreement with the owner of the unit, manufacturers or technical departments can retrieve with MeMo® a real-time visualization of the key performance indicators of each unit through a multi-site interface to centralize and simplify the monitoring of the anaerobic digestion plants for which they are responsible.

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Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole

Anticipation and proactive maintenance

Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole

Secure and optimize
all sites

Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole

Build upon multiple feedback

Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole

Control monitoring on all the anaerobic digestion units