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BioEnTech, a player in the digital revolution in the circular economy

BioEnTech has a deep understanding of bioprocesses and their operational constraints which translates into solutions relevant to their management. BioEnTech has developed a unique suite of services to make bioprocess optimization possible. These solutions are based on sensors, analyzers, scientific and software expertise and digital modules that are deployed tailored for an advanced monitoring system adapted to each installation.

Data intelligence at the service of the process

BioEnTech’s solutions address the need to:

  • Analytical support for process understanding
  • Diagnose and secure factory performance in real time
  • Optimization of operating conditions and economic gain
  • Continuous process improvement through data intelligence

Data analysis and model/real feedback loop allow for process analysis and improvement.

Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole

A proved return on investment

Our commitment is to provide you with an efficient digital control solution that allows you a return on investment of 4€ for every euro invested in our solution. We are working in particular to:

  • Reduce OPEX (chemical inputs, heat, electricity, material purchases, etc.)
  • Increase productivity and production
  • Limit capex for future investments
  • Enhance operator training through real-time digital media

Our application domaines, bio-processes

BioEnTech offers customized solutions for the management of bioprocesses and organic waste management processes with a particular focus on:

  • Fermentation processes (brewing, bio-ethanol, biodiesel, fine chemistry, etc.)
  • Water treatment
  • Entomoculture
  • Composting
  • Green chemistry
Bioentech logiciel methanisation station épuration - méthanisation agricole