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BioEnTech’s Team

Founded in 2013, BioEnTech was born from the conviction that digitizing water and waste treatment management would be a significant lever to help reduce the environmental impact and allow a better control of our resources.

Seven years after its creation, the company has grown into an SME of 14 people with multidisciplinary skills and varied experiences mixing profiles of bioprocesses experts, computer scientists, modelers, business managers, lab technicians and commercial developers, having worked on complex applied engineering and research projects in France and internationally.

With an average experience per person of about ten years, BioEnTech can capitalize on a recognized and unique know-how to develop software and analytical solutions for the management of wastewater treatment plants and methanization units.

Jérémie Miroux, Chief Executive Officer

With a background in industrial engineering and international trade, Jérémie was responsible for Business Units in international agro-industrial, plant chemistry and pharmaceutical markets.

Deeply concerned about environmental protection and sustainable development, he became aware of the growing need to provide digitized solutions for a better mastery of the resources by facing the environmental and energy constraints of industrial production sites.

Jérémie Miroux, Président-directeur général bioentech
Francesco Novellis, Directeur informatique bioentech

Francesco Novellis, Chief Information Officer

Expert software engineer (Polytechnic School of Milan/ University of Illinois), Francesco complemented shortly afterwards the original team.

He completely re-engineered the IT infrastructure, enabling BioEnTech to make a qualitative leap, thanks to the development of a distributed software solution, oriented to the cloud and the industry 4.0.

Nowadays he manages the IT team, in charge of planning and coordinating the overall short-and long-term IT strategy and implementation.

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